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Health & Safety Plan

The Portas de Santa Rita Hotel is fully committed to receiving its customers with maximum security, ensuring their well-being, that of their teams and partners.
In this context, we have adopted all the measures recommended by the National Health Authority (DGS), World Health Organization (WHO) and Tourism of Portugal (Clean&Safe seal), to ensure the best functioning of our services according to 3 essential principles:
- Safeguard the necessary social distancing;
- Ensure the availability of personal protective equipment;
- Reinforce cleaning and disinfection measures.

Note: this plan may change depending on the evolution of the pandemic or new obligations imposed by law.

Social Distancing

- We limited the hotel occupancy rate;
- We have organized the service processes with signage available to maintain the distance of 1.5/2 meters between customer and employee whenever possible;
- We reduce the maximum capacity in each lift, in bars and restaurants, in meeting rooms, in swimming pools and the number of sun loungers, which are properly spaced;
- In the rooms, the storage and cleaning operations are obligatory without the presence of the customer;
- The meals work with a system of shifts, and the guest must previously book the place and time, and there is hygiene of the tables and chairs between each use;
- In the restaurants, we have replaced the buffet services with a personalized menu and live cooking service;
- We inhibit the use of Jacuzzi, sauna and Turkish bath;
- The gym is subject to reservation and limited capacity, with hygienic equipment between uses;
- Indoor children's clubs and play rooms have limited capacity. The activities take place mainly in outdoor spaces.

Personal Protection Equipment

- Our employees are equipped with gloves (except restaurant and bar) and protective mask or visor;
- The cleaning service employees are equipped with suits/scrubs;
- We provide temperature measurement to all employees and customers;
- We advise all customers to use gloves and protective mask, which are also available for purchase at reception if necessary.

Cleaning and Disinfection

- We provide our clients with disinfectant gel for use in the different social areas of the hotel (reception, elevators, bars, restaurants, spa, meeting rooms, swimming pools, floors and sanitary facilities);
- All equipment (pens, terminals for payment, etc) are properly disinfected after each use;
- We have intensified the hygiene and disinfection of surfaces, contact areas and shared equipment, using anti-viral cleaning products (EN 14476);
- We maintain a rigorous cleaning and disinfection of all water, air conditioning and ventilation systems, with reinforcement of the disinfection by antiviral spray of the existing ventilation grids;
- We guarantee the occupation of the room only after an extended period, never less than 24 hours, after the departure of a client.

Because everyone's safety is our priority!

Insulation Zones

- We have areas to isolate people detected as suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19, with natural ventilation or mechanical ventilation, and with smooth and washable coatings, bathroom, stock of cleaning materials, surgical masks and disposable gloves, thermometer, self-contained waste container, waste bags, used laundry bags, kit with water and some non-perishable food;
- We will always have an employee responsible for triggering the procedures in case of suspected infection, to accompany the person with symptoms to the isolation space, provide the necessary assistance and contact the National Health Service;
- Following the DGS suggestions, we will decontaminate the isolation area whenever there are positive cases and reinforce the cleaning and disinfection procedures whenever there are suspicious cases;
- The storage of waste produced by patients or suspected of infection in plastic bags which, after closure, will be segregated and sent to licensed operators for the management of hospital waste with biological risk.

Our Teams

All employees received specific training on:

- Internal protocol on the outbreak of COVID-19;
- How to comply with basic infection prevention and control precautions related to the COVID-19 outbreak, including hand sanitizing procedures, respiratory tagging and social conduct;
- How to perform daily self-monitoring to assess fever, cough or shortness of breath;
- How to comply with the guidelines of the Directorate General of Health for surface cleaning and laundry treatment.

Our Guests

The collaboration of our guests will be essential to ensure your safety during your stay, so we recommend:

- The use of protective masks in circulation in social zones;
- Hand sanitizing, using our alcohol gel dispensers;
- The maintenance of the safety distance of 1.5/2 meters from the other guests and employees whenever possible;
- Prior reservation of restaurant, gym and spa services;
- The reading of the internal protocol concerning the outbreak of COVID-19 and compliance with basic precautions for prevention and control of infection caused by the new coronavirus.


Dear Customer,

For due and legal purposes, we inform you that check-in in this space is only allowed for customers who present a valid EU COVID Digital Certificate or hold a test with a negative result.

In case of dispute the consumer can resort to an Alternative Dispute Resolution Body:

CICAP – Tribunal Arbitral de Consumo
Rua Damião de Góis, 31, Loja 6, 4050-225, Porto
+351 22 550 83 49 / +351 22 502 97 91

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